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Logo is an abstract representation of a particular idea or identity of an Organization. Brand Identity designing is not a simple task. It requires clear idea and in-depth research about the concept and values of the brand as well as understanding of the target group. All information unite in highly condensed form in a Brand Identity mark. Workflow of Brand Identity design process would be formulating concept, doing hand drawn sketch, digitalizing the initial concept, deciding the colors and format.

Textile Emporium
Career Point
MoonDew Medical
Sunrise Financial Services
Tiss Path Lab & Clinic
Pantha Niwas
Essence of Life
Daj International
Kolkata District Chess
Nabin Sangha
Sukriti Wellwishers Association
Jharna Plywood
Basundhara Social Organisation
Asiana High Rise Construction


Panthashala is a Guest House located in Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India the famous place of Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore. The Guest House made for short duration shelter of Tourists mainly attracted towards Tagore’s culture and heritage with historical significance. The name “Panthashala” denotes “Resting place” which totally a home away home. Basically in local language the word indicate small hut like resting cottage beside the road under tree lining. Cottages are surrounded by greenery and every aspect of rural ambience. To create a Brand Identity mark for that Guest House we focused mainly on targeted tourist who always look for rural homely atmosphere. Hand written calligraphy was used for the mark. Illustration of hand cart fan symbolize the appearance of the amenities and hospitalities. Colours chosen as per theme which is nearer to the nature.


Humanalyse is a clinical testing laboratory. At Humanalyse, pathologists perform Clinical Research, Studies and Analysis of Human sample. The term “Humanalyse” is derived from “Analysis of Human Sample”. Definitely it is a complex task as visualizer to establish the concept and values of the brand. Once a design concept is chosen, the designer work with illustrator for typographical experiment to create the final design product. Minimalistic creative approach convey the message to the audience. Colour scheme is based on the trading pattern.


Textile Emporium is a Garments fabrication hub. As per client’s briefing and initial vision simple typographical placement used for this creation. Formation of letters, combination, alignment and distribution is highlighted through the creative process. Preliminary idea was drawn roughly. Few initial artworks were rejected before finalization the extreme one. Client’s supervision and involvement was the basis of this production. Red and Black was the dominant scheme and straight forward directive of that Brand Identity.

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